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BeagleBone (In Stock!!!)

BeagleBone 產品規格
•>700-MHz super-scalar ARM Cortex™-A8
• 256-MB D DR2 RAM
• 1-port USB 2.0 host
• Integrated 10/100 Ethernet
• microSD slot and 2-GB microSD card with validation and demonstration image from the Angstrom Distribution
• USB 2.0 fl exible device port with ability to supply power
• On-board USB-to-serial/JTAG over shared USB device port
• 3.3-V 2× 46-pin peripheral with multiplexed LCD signals and battery-control expansion headers
• Board size: 3.4” × 2.1”

• 3D printers and industrial robotics
• Autonomous robots and fl ying drones
• Web servers and Internet-enabled kiosks
• Home media centers and automation
• In-vehicle entertainment and monitoring
• Thin clients and digital signage
• Development with Ubuntu, Android™, Open Embedded, Windows® Embedded, QNX, Symbian, Debian, 
   Fedora, Gentoo and more ...


Getting started with your new BeagleBone!!

How do I get software to run on the BeagleBone?

Many projects may eventually provide software images that can be run on the BeagleBone. The boards will be shipping with a Cloud9 image from the Angstrom Distribution. See

Where is the software source code?

The image that ships with the BeagleBone comes from the Angstrom Distribution and is built with OpenEmbedded. Instructions to download and build the Angstrom Distribution are at The image can be built with 'MACHINE=beaglebone bitbake cloud9-image'.

What if I just want the boot-loader and kernel sources?

A bit closer to the final software freeze date (roughly Nov 7, 2011), the source code will be available at Until then, you can watch the TI trees on and, of course, meta-ti.

Where do I find out about the AM3358/9 device used on the BeagleBone?

See In particular, you might be interested in the AM335x Technical Reference Manual 


                                         BeagleBone (Rev. A5)產品內容物
  1. BeagleBone開發板 * 1
  2. 紙盒外包裝 * 1
  3. 防塵靜電袋 * 1
  4. USB OTG傳輸線 * 1
  5. microSD card (測試片) * 1
  6. microSD 轉卡 * 1
    ※ 建議使用變壓器(5V/2A)供電

    ※ 原廠產品僅附贈USB OTG傳輸線,不包括變壓器與其他線材,如有需要可至配件區
    ※ 請注意!原廠要求送修服務需保留原廠配件,請務必保留備用,並於送修時將原廠配件一併附上




 包含開機所需使用之變壓器、HDMI螢幕輸出線、MicroSD card與Debug線材等。

BeagleBone LTM

BeagleBone LTM是針對BeagleBone所開發之擴充板,包含7吋LCD觸控螢幕與sensor模組等功能,可搭配BeagleBone開發板進行開發。

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